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Vegetable Croquets Recipe

10956212_1618225891723057_7224990806178577353_nLooking for a super delicious and super healthy snack to munch on? These awesome Vegetable Croquets are the perfect solution! Not only are they chocked full of vegetables and taste delicious, they bare a strange similarity to chicken nuggets (of course, a much healthier alterative!)
Makes Approximately 12 Croquets


1/2 Onion, diced thinly
1/2 Red Capsicum, diced thinly
1 Broccoli, grated
1 Zucchini, grated
1 ½ sweet potatoes boiled and mashed
2 eggs
1/2- 1 Cup Wholemeal Breadcrumbs
Spices: Moroccan, Mexican chilli, Chilli flakes and Pepper
1-2 tbs of Olive Oil to cook in



  1. Fry off the onion and capsicum in Olive Oil until brown and fragrant.
  2. Steam/ boil sweet potato and set aside with grated zucchini and grated broccoli.
  3. Add onion and capsicum to mix of all vegetables along with two eggs. Mix together until combined. Make sure to add generous shakes of all the spices mentioned in the ingredients list for flavour!
  4. Scoop the mixture out in balls using a spoon, coat in breadcrumbs and cook on a fry pan until brown and crunchy on the outside.
  5. Serve with your favourite sauce and eat up!
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