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Years of competitive Armwrestling has taught me to focus, train hard and to make sacrifices to achieve my goals.

These traits will help you achieve your goals. Come and let me guide you to your destination. I am willing to give you all my knowledge and experience all I need from you is to turn up and be ready.


Credentials and experience

  • Certificate 4 in Personal Training
  • Level 2 Fitness Australia Trainer
  • More than 10 years as a Qualified Trainer
  • Qualified Boxing Instructor


Competition results

  • 2014 Australian national Armwrestling championships 3rd place
  • 2013 Australian national Armwrestling championships 3rd place
  • 2013 Western Australia Armwrestling championships 3rd place
  • 2012 Queensland Armwrestling Champion
  • Best client results Female(115 kg)down to (65kg)
  • Best client result Male (160) down to (90kg)
  • Best sporting achievement by a client 6th place at the world Masters Athletics championships


“Life is like an Armwrestle ,you struggle and go back and forth. Some time you just need a helping hand. I am offering you that hand reach out and grab it.”



I originally worked in the corporate world for many years and moved on from that environment and for years while engaged in that work environment I had a passion to be a Personal Trainer. I believe my own drive and goals with my own training was the prime motivator for me to be a Personal Trainer in May 2013. I knew the benefits I obtained from my own training which I could bring to my clients who would have their own goals to meet.

Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer I have passionately been doing my own Hypertrophy training at the gym for 12 years to improve my definition and strength and also play and competed in squash since 2005 and I continue to play to this day. Also since 2013 I started kayaking which is a great strength and aerobic sport.

I have a great passion for boxing and I have been training with a Boxing Coach for 6 years and also train in Krav Maga(Contact Combat) with a Specialist Instructor. I also have Kettlebell instruction experience. Since then I have expanded my personal training skills to accommodate different types of people looking to get fit, build muscle and trim down.

I believe my diverse experience in training and my focus on being unique and bringing my particular type of instruction and ideas to my clients will motivate them to eventually meet their goals. I will be able to hone in on various types of fitness whether it be the following:


Strength and Conditioning Aerobic

Functional Movement(Tactical Fitness)

Boxing,Contact Combat(Krav Maga) and Interval Training

My own cross training in different sports e.g.Squash, Boxing and

Kayaking gives me the life experience moving forward to provide a

great and unique experience for my clients.



Hypertrophy – Muscle building and Conditioning

Weight Loss Tone

Technical Boxing

Functional Movement(Tactical Fitness)

Recommendations in Diet and Nutrition.



Master Trainer (Australian Institute of Fitness NSW)



Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor)

Certificate for Performance Boxing

Senior First Aid

Registered & Insured with Fitness Australia