Hawkesbury Gym Personal Trainers

Dylan Smith

Our Strength Coach Dylan Smith is here to simply make you stronger and faster. To get Stronger and faster you need to build strength. Dylan’s skills, experience and education all stems from leading by example. Dylan has dedicated the past 20 years to being the strongest person he can be and now, simply wants others to experience the feeling of only what strong can do.

Dylan’s competitive feats, to name a few, are;

  • 2014 2nd Place Overall MENS RAW CAPO Powerlifting Competition
  • 2012 1st Place 110kg CAPO NSW Powerlifting Titles
  • 2008 2nd Place Australia’s Strongest Man Competition

Current Powerlifting total is – 730kg.

Strength makes EVERYTHING IN LIFE easier and Dylan’s advice is not to listen to internet guru’s that don’t lead by example. Numbers talk! Dylan can coach, and will get results for anyone, willing to listen and give 100% in training for their specific sport. Whether it’s Athletics, League, Rugby Union, Netball, Dylan will get you stronger and faster, making you better!

Dion Smith

Being 17kgs overweight ignited my health and fitness journey. Having worked in Nutrition at the Westmead Children’s Hospital further developed my nutritional knowledge base.

A number of years later, I made a career change and in order to secure employment within this line of work, certain fitness requirements were demanded. It was from this moment on my life and my physical training became a high priority. So did my knowledge of training methods.

Throughout the years, I’ve continued to learn and personally experiment with different styles of physical development and training, I now have a career I am passionate about and love.

As an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of physical training. I am a staunch believer in “Yin Yang” and often advise people to ensure they maintain “balance” within life. As important as physical health, nutritional and psychological health is as equally paramount.

As a fully qualified health and fitness trainer, there is nothing more satisfying than to see a person achieve what they set out to accomplish, and to be involved in that person’s journey, is even more humbling.

Having the right support and assistance can be the difference between reaching your goals and becoming the person you want or NOT. Our bodies can only function as a result of what our minds tell it. Mental strength is just as important.


One of my favourite life mottos is “Never Say Never”.

Jodie Wood

I believe your time in the gym should be productive and effective, challenging and rewarding.

For me, fitness is more than eating good food and training hard – it taught me that taking care of myself directly affects my quality of life. My goal is to educate my clients on how to achieve the most with their time in the gym and in their life.

Inspiring people to make exercise a pivotal component of their lives is what I am all about – I believe that exercise has healing properties, particularly when combined with a nutrient dense diet and a positive attitude towards life!

Exercising is more than looking good, it is about challenging yourself in every aspect of your life and putting in 100% every time. We all have goals that we can achieve, and with dedication and perseverance they can be accomplished.

I believe everybody should live by the motto ‘1 per cent better every day’